Monday, June 25, 2012

Tool #4

Google Docs
I created a short "quiz" using Google Forms for the beginning of the school year. I aks students to tell me where they took algebra I and what they liked about the class. I aslo asked students to tell me how they prefer to work through difficult math problems: on their own, in a group, with a partner, etc. I like the idea of asking students to think about the way they prefer to learn, and I think I could use the data from the form to make decisions about how to set up my classes.

I also think that I could use a Google Doc to complete classwork on vocabulary or to create a class study guide for an up coming test. For a vocabulary assignment, instead of asking students to look up every word on a vocabulary list, the students could each type in two or three definitions to create one master list for the class. For a review assignment, groups of students to work to create a study guide for a different topic from the unit. Students would then have access to the entire study guide.

I haven't yet shared one of these forms with a colleague. I will probably wait until we get closer to the start of school to do so. I do like the idea of working with a Google Doc as a collaboration tool rather than sending endless emails with attachments back and forth.

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