Friday, June 29, 2012

Tool #7

Reaching Outside the Classroom

I would like to try a project with other geometry classes where we create a library of helpful web sites and geometry tutorial. I could start by asking my students from different classes to work together to find video resources that are on the web. Students could coordinate through an Edmodo group or use TodaysMeet. I like the idea of students evaluating other sources of information before trying to create their own videos.

Later students could work in groups to create their own videos. Groups work together to come up with a plan for to present, but each student could film their own video using a flip camera, the ShowMe app, or maybe one of the on-line photo/video options.

We could work with other classes in our school, our district, or even on line to create a set of tutorials that we could use for instruction or for test review. 

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