Friday, July 13, 2012

Tool #11

  1. My favorite new tools are Diigo, Google Forms, Wiki pages, Edmodo,  and Wordle. I had heard of all of them before I started the 11 tools class, but I hadn't actually tried any of them. I would like to use a Google Forms or Google Docs to set up a review assignment for a unit test. Students can all contribute to the document and then access the document when they are outside of class. 
  2. Now that I've been through the 11 tools class I feel much more comfortable with the idea of using these tools in my classroom next year. I want to give student more choices in how they learn and present information. The classroom devices can help make this possible.  
  3. As to surprises, I am impressed with the shear volume of free resources that are available on the internet. I'm looking forward to putting these tools into practice this coming school year. 

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  1. Nice Koala!

    Looks like you're moving to my neck of the woods this year.

    Great job!