Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tool #3

  1. For this assignment I looked at TeacherTube, SchoolTube, and YouTube for videos that I might use in class. I think YouTube is by far the easiest to use. I like the ability to browse categories in YouTube. SchoolTube does have a search by school option so that might be helpful.     
  2. I've included two videos from YouTube below. Adding a video clip in Blogger is incredibly easy. Copying the HTML code is not difficult. I've used that method to post video onto a WikiSpace page. The little "insert video" button on Blogger is even easier. 
  3. I had no idea that the first copyright laws only lasted for 14 years. When I posted the video for the Flatland trailer I thought that maybe I would buy a copy of the movie for my classroom. On the movie website though, they are very specific that the regular DVD is only for "personal home use". If you want a DVD to show in your classroom, you have to buy an educational copy which is much more expensive. It was a reminder to me that just because I can find a copy of something doesn't mean that I have the right to use it in my classroom. 
  4. I have a DropBox account. I've already used it to move a video from my teacher laptop to my iPad. When school starts in August I think I will create a new account  use that to move videos and photos on and off my classroom devices. 

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